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We welcome new members.  Our club meets every Wednesday at noon, at the Bluffs in Houghton.  The meetings last one hour and include lunch and a guest speaker from the community.   Many topics are covered, for example, Michigan Tech sports and programs, local government, and local businesses.

Members are encouraged to participate in the club fund raisers such as the Chicken BBQ.    Our service activities include Ramp Building and Salvation Army Bell Ringing.

The cost of membership is $120 per year, plus $10 per meal*.  Guests are welcome.  

There are Corporate and Individual Memberships available.  Same cost, but for Corporate Memberships, the company is responsible for the financial obligations.  The other obligations, like attending meetings and participating in fundraisers, can be shared by whomever the company chooses.

Please click here to complete and submit a Membership Application.  Your information will be kept confidential.

*All proceeds from fundraisers go to the community, meal charges go to the Bluffs and the $120 goes to Kiwanis International.